From WDRB: POV | Are Better Roads Worth an Extra Dime a Gallon?

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It is probably safe to say that no taxpayer is looking for more taxes to pay. It’s also safe to say that state roads, highways and bridges are not in as good shape as any of us would like.

Lower gas prices and more fuel efficient vehicles have hurt the state road fund which gets a percentage of every gallon of gas sold. In a story on, Marcus Green and Sara Sidery, tell us the Kentucky State Legislature is now looking to increase the tax on gas by 10 cents a gallon.

Just like you, I don’t like paying more taxes, but I also recognize that the road fairy isn’t coming to the rescue. We can either pay a little more for the privilege of driving on nice, safe roads, or we can keep the status quo and our roads and bridges will continue to deteriorate.

If you are dead set against paying another cent in taxes, I get it, but when you hit a pothole the size of a hot tub at 60 miles an hour, how much do you think that will cost? We are the source that pays to maintain, improve and even make new roads. We can refuse an increase, or we can approve a small one. Either way, we will get exactly what we are willing to pay for.

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