2019 Kentucky Infrastructure Report Card

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2019 Report Card GPA: C-

Kentucky’s infrastructure is everywhere around you and you use it every day. The interconnected system of roads and bridges, drinking water, sewer systems, dams and levees, aviation, solid waste, and energy are all critical to our success. We have become accustomed to these systems quietly supporting our ability to work and play. However, in 2019, our infrastructure networks are aging and struggling to perform as necessary.

Infrastructure deteriorates as it ages, and it must be repaired or replaced when it exceeds its useful life. The effects of time, weather, and increased use from a growing population are impacting the quality of the infrastructure in our state. Looking ahead, there are opportunities for Kentucky to invest not only in the infrastructure in need of repair and replacement, but to also to plan strategically for the future. Through smart investment and collaborative coordination, Kentucky has the opportunity meaningfully improve critical infrastructure networks, including water, wastewater, roads, rail, airports and freight, to ensure both local and state-wide economies can grow. Strategic investments and proper planning will also provide safe and healthy environments for our children, neighbors and communities.

The good news is that Kentucky’s civil engineers, government agencies, private interest groups, and the public are committed to building and maintaining Kentucky’s infrastructure to keep our residents and visitors safe, the environment healthy, and to help support our economy. The Kentucky Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers has created this simple tool to give residence, businesses, and policy-makers a snapshot at the current condition of our state’s infrastructure systems—both the good and the not-so-good. In addition, this report provides recommendations on things our Commonwealth can do to make sure our infrastructure is there for us in the days, weeks, and years ahead. Working together, we can implement a pro-active and collaborative approach to infrastructure planning and funding that promotes smart investments to avoid costly, catastrophic failures.

We hope this report provides the information needed to make every Kentucky citizen an informed Kentucky citizen.

Click here to read the Kentucky executive summary.